01: Who is Opulentuz?
We are a well-established firm of consultants working in tandem with Solicitors in the UK. We have a very substantial and active Immigration Department who has the latest knowledge on immigration legislation.
02: When was Opulenuz established?
Opulentuz was established in the year 2002. From a small firm it has grown rapidly at a very fast rate. Currently, Opulentuz has a wealth of experience that helps the applicants, the best legal service possible.
03: What are the strengths of Opulentuz?
Opulentuz is a leader of Tier 1 (General) Visas in India. Opulentus also deals with immigration to all major countries.
04: How to select the best consultant for filing my papers for Tier 1 (General)?
We suggest you a simple method, No boasting, No exaggeration. Just ask the respected consultant to show at least 6-9 Tier 1 (General) VISAS on passport in original obtained within last ONE MONTH ONLY. THIS SIMPLY MEANS THAT THE COMPANY HAS IN & OUT INFORMATION ON THE SUBJECT.

It is always better to spend a few bucks extra rather than spoiling carrier. Any mistake made will ban entry to the respective country or will delay in filing a fresh application for a certain period.
05: Can I File Tier 1 (General) Application on my OWN?
Yes. You can very well file Tier 1 (General) Application on your own. All the information is available on net. But do remember the guidelines available are vague & generalized in nature. You need to understand & interpret the guidelines as per your age, income, academics, professional back ground, time of application & several other factors. The same set of rules apply to ten different people in ten different ways depending upon one's personal circumstances which only a true professional can understand.

It's simple, if you forget any document or did not submit the document in corroboration with the guidelines then you have to pay 675 GBP again and file it.

If you miss out anything your case will be rejected.
06: What is the success rate of Tier 1(General) in Opulentuz?
First of all we scan your profile & documents thoroughly, satisfy our selves that you stand a chance of around 99% of getting the visa, and then only we go ahead on processing your documents. As long as the documents you provide are perfect and genuine, there are almost NILL chances of rejection.
07: What does Opulentuz do?
Opulentuz manages applications and immigration solutions depending on the individualís profile. We assess the situation, discuss the solution, review documentation and advise. If the documents seem to be not perfect, we suggest the best supporting document and complete all the paper work. As a representative of yours, we ensure that your case is fully supported and is at a good success rate.
08: What is the best time to apply for Tier 1 (General)?
The Tier 1(General) scheme runs round the year. You can apply whenever you wish, provided you will have to meet the entry requirements.
09: What is the initially tenure of Tier 1 (General) visa?
Initially the Tier 1 (General) visa is issued for 3 years and later you can extended for 2 years on meeting the requirements
10: How do I know if I qualify for Tier 1 (General)?
Please visit our HSMP Points Calculator and give your inputs. This gives you an idea of your qualifying criteria of Tier 1 (General). Once you get to know that you qualify under Tier 1 (General), we will then get in touch with you and take it further.
11: What are the other advantages of Tier 1 (General)?
A list of miscellaneous advantages is discussed below
  Spouse can work freely from Day One
  Children's Education is almost Free
  Medical facilities are Free
  You can do your Own Business
  You can take all your dependents along with you
  Work with ANY ONE & ANY WHERE you like
  You can swap any number of jobs
  You can do any number of jobs
  This Visa can lead to PR and Citizenship of UK
12: How does a Tier 1 (General) Visa differ from a UK work permit?
The Tier 1 (General) has some distinct advantages over UK Work Permit. Firstly, Tier 1 (General)is more flexible. A UK Work Permit, applicant needs a specific job offer in the UK before they apply.
13: Can I apply for H1B Visa from UK?
Statistics show that if you are in UK on a Tier 1 (General) visa & are looking forward to work in USA down the lane, there exist Very Very High degree success rates of getting a work visa for US, after 6 months of working in UK.
14: Do my dependents need a Visa?
Yes, your dependent also needs a valid visa to enter UK.
15: Does British High Commission accept copies of certificates or other evidences?
The British High Commission will accept only the original specified information. Where a document is not in English the original must be accompanied by a fully certified translation by an officially recognized translator.
16: From where can I apply for the UK Visa?
You can apply for the UK visa, from out side the UK and with in the UK.
17: Do I need to attend any Visa Interview?
Initially you need to submit all the required documents to the British High Commission, based on the requirement you may or may not required attending the interview.
18: I am interested in moving forward on an Immigration Visa. What is the next step?
Contact us with an updated copy of your CV .We will assess of your profile and guide you further.
19: What if I have any other question regarding my Tier 1 (General) application?
You can e-mail us your question any time to info@opulentuz.com
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